Thursday, January 10, 2008

Learning various programming languages

Imagine a world where you had a clear choice of an ideal programming language for your software. Every language has its own advantages and disadvantages, each trying to offer identifying unique approach software.

Although more visual languages such as Delphi, .Net, etc can implement software quicker, larger scale software slows down unless the code is well optimized to efficiently handle the volume of code. Therefore, the most important factor for implementing a large software project is determining the right programming language.

Each programming language has tools, components and libraries to make your life easier in doing software. Crystal Report is a powerful tool to quickly generate professional looking analytical reports directly from the database.

However, using more primitive coding methods to manually connect to database, run SQL commands and hand code every graph in a report can take significantly more time and become painful. So, I think knowing a variety of programming languages gives you the flexibility required for doing good software and also saves a lot of time.