Friday, October 31, 2008

Google search tricks

1)Find any album:In this trick you no need to struggle for long keywords entering in google search. Following google search trick will takes you to your destination.
Put the string as shown below in google search :
?intitle:index.of? mp3
Your job is add song/album/artist/singer
For example :
?intitle:index.of? mp3 justin timberlake 
2) Find Key for any software, games etc:
Well this is a cute google search trick. Just enter the code below in google search.
94FBR : your software name
In place of “your software name “ enter the software or game name which you have required.
3) Open
Enter the string which is shown below
inurl:Mcft filetype:iso
Now change the string in search to exactly what you desire. for example Mcft to Ad@be, ISO to zip/rar and so on.
4)How to open hidden links in google?? Well google will not display few links even though they are indexed in google.
Just enter the strings below which can open hidden links in google search.
“parent directory ” Gamez -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

“parent directory ” MP3 -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

“parent directory ” Name of artist or album -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

“parent directory ” /appz/ -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

“parent directory ” DVDRip -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums

“parent directory “Xvid -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums
Now enter search phrase for every parent directory? change, and you can use whatever phrase or word that suits you and a lot of otherwise hidden links will turn up.
5)Open secret sites which you desire:
Many search engines will not allow hidden files and articles. These websites can be seen using robots.text This is a great trick which you can open hidden websites and articles.
Just enter the string as given below
“robots.txt” “disallow:” filetype:txt
You will find the robots.txt file from sites that uses disallow command in it.
Now you can open hidden texts in few websites.

6)Google calculator:
Every operating system has calculator which is inbuild. Some times you feel lazy to open your inbuild calculator. This is a simple google search trick where you can do calculations by just entering what you required. This is simply amazing stuff accomplished by Google.
for example : open
type in google search as 100 + 500 - 100 = and press search button.
7)Logarithm Functions:
To calculate logarithm base 10 values, type log (100) in search box and press search button to show the result.

8)Currency Conversion
To convert the 100 USD in British pounds, type 100 USD in British pounds and press search button to show the result.
Google can do all the below calculations.
(simple Arithmetic function, Trigonometric, Inverse trigonometric, Hyperbolic and Logarithm functions).
9)Definitions: Frankly speaking there is no need to open dictionary or dictionary websites. Google itself acts as dictionary. Well you can search definitions as just shown below.
define: keyword
in place of keyword enter the meaning which you required.
10) Few important syntax are shown below:
Open and type
Population country name
In place of country name type which country you required.
from iranproud.


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